A surcharge on tickets was increased by 1 percent

But even he is vulnerable to the rare miss. Last year, early in the second quarter in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Gostkowski missed a 26 yard field goal. Even though it came from a low and bobbled snap, the miss was surprising. 1, 2007), Brady Quinn (No. 22, 2007), Jason Campbell (No. Losman (No.

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The county doubled its food and beverage tax to 2 percent. Neighboring suburban counties implemented 1 percent restaurant taxes. A surcharge on tickets was increased by 1 percent.. SECONDARY. Bailey’s three picks keep this grade from being a D, though he did give up the lone touchdown pass. Darrell Green was burned three times for 57 yards and nickel back Tim Denton badly misplayed a 31 yard completion.

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